Thursday, August 17, 2006

Kindergarten? Already??!

What a summer! My youngest started demanding to sit on the potty. The middle boy figured out how to get on the swing, start swinging, and pump . . . by himself. And even though the oldest boy knows he's going to break my heart and go to Kindergarten this fall, he still insisted on beginning to read and riding a two wheeler, all in the same week that he was moved to his own room without so much as hesitation or question of readiness. Crazy. My head is still spinning. I know they must grow up, but do they have to cram so much into a summer? A month? A week, even?

Now we have Kindergarten to face. And he's already telling me he'd prefer the handy "kiss-n-go" lane rather than have me get out and walk him to his class line. He's boldly ready to face this next adventure, and I'm sitting here thinking, "Perhaps I could homeschool through Kindergarten and he could begin all this in another year or so!"

But, I am so proud, too. Proud to be a mom of three awesome kids. Proud to know they are loved and feel safe to go out into the world. Proud to be a mom. And that really is what I love. Being a mom. With all the challenges and tough days. I really do love it!