Friday, February 17, 2006

What's in a name?

I'm new at this (blogging, not being a Mamma), so I begin writing with reservation in the first place. Will I be able to do this? Will it be worth my time? Is it worth it to put my words and thoughts out there into cyber space? But, even with all this newness, I can't believe how much anxiety I felt simply trying to come up with names for things while creating this blog. What username did I want to get stuck remembering everytime I sign in? What did I want plastered at the top of this page to be seen by me and anyone else who ever stops by? What should I put as my signature to be seen any time I post something new here or elsewhere in the blogging community?

Why on Earth am I feeling so much pressure to be clever and witty? Isn't this just a blog? A web site for venting my thoughts on motherhood and how that life goes with my life as a friend, wife, daughter, sister, human being? Don't I have much larger problems to ponder, like whether I've figured the budget accurately for the month? Or whether I've thought of all the great birthday gift ideas I could for my loving hubby? And if it is going to be so stressful for me to come up with simple labels for my blog . . . am I up to the challenge of helping to name a 4th person? As this tiny baby grows inside me, I once again begin to swell with the responsibility and joy of adding to our family.

Wait, that might be it . . . those hormones are making me a bit more sensitive to decision making, even the tiny and trivial. Or, I'm just tired. Oh, it is just a few hours from bed time . . . so sleep is near, and for now, I give up my attempt to be funny, clever, witty, smart, creative, novel. For now, I'm just going to leave things as they are. Including my title, Mamma on the Edge. It fits, and I promise to write about it more later.

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