Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Been a Long Time

It's been a long time since I Rock-n-Rolled . . . or posted to my Blog. A bit longer for one than the other. But I really can't say which. : ) So, let's talk about time. Because I don't really have much to say about Rock. I mean, I DO like it. Non-bluesy Rock. Like, Areosmith and Guns-n-Roses . . . but I don't know anything worthy of babbling about. At least not more than that. No, let's talk about time. How quickly it can pass. How easily it can fool me. How unrealistic my perception of it can be. I am a person who can often be late to things. I've heard it is very self-centered and selfish to be often late to things. Holding up everyone else. Thinking I'm so important that people should have to wait for me. I hypothesize that it is related to a chronic fear of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. For example, like the time I loaded up all three kiddos into the car (pregnant with number four at the time) to go to a doctor appointment I had conveniently arranged for two of the three children. We arrived and found out I had the time written down on the calendar mistakenly for later than we were actually scheduled. The office's policy is to cancel you if you are more than 10 minutes late for your appt. So they were trying to tell us we would have to reschedule (for weeks later) and I would have to drag them all to the pediatrician all over again. Which I'm very irritated by since standing in the building brings to mind all of the sicknesses I may already be needlessly exposing the three currently healthy kids to as it is. Now they were suggesting I expose them again. So, I'm perpetually nervous about getting somewhere only to find out that I'm the only one there, or that I'm mistaken about the place or something. Well, I'm working on this. I don't like missing the beginning of things. I don't like that friends I've known for years (PAIGE) joke around about lying to me about the start time of things so that I might be on time instead of "on Kaycee time" arriving 20 minutes plus late. Well, one added benefit to my oldest being in Kindergarten is that I have another human being relying on my ability to be on time 10 times a week for 9 months in a row. It is giving me A TON of practice. And I'm doing really well, so far. I'm happy to report. Thanks, CJ. You make me a better woman! -143

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