Friday, July 27, 2007

The Reunion

I am SO glad I went to the weekend reunion events. It really was a great time with some old and dear friends. The theater friends I had the best time visiting with are some of my oldest and dearest.

This picture is from the happy hour night. It is Sandy, Paige, Michael, and I.

Paige and I have been friends since we were 14 years old. At 24 years and counding, that is my longest friend EVER. I'm related to all the people I've known for longer than that. We are the god parents of each other's children. She is a great and dear friend. I love that she always shoots straight from the hip and isn't afraid to admit she is human in parenting, teaching, being a wife and friend. I love Paige. Over the years, she is the one high school friend I have stayed in close contact with. It wasn't a NEW connection, but it was GREAT to hang out with her so much in one weekend!

Sandy is one I have seen over the years several times. We attended each other's weddings, but she lives just far enough away that I haven't seen her as much as we'd like. Her husband and mine like to talk about cars and motorcycle racing and they enternained each other much on Friday night.

Michael is one of four of us who spent most of our senior year hanging out together (especially at lunch time). Mike, Paige, Rick (not at the reunion on Friday or Saturday nights) and I would go grab lunch and then we would take Paige's old beat up Vega to 7-Eleven for all the 3 and 5 cent candy we could cram in our pockets. Then we'd go sit in Anatomy class and try to pay attention through our sugar high.

I hadn't seen Mike since our 10 year gathering at Paige's, so it was awesome to see him. We were all such close friends and did MANY shows together, it was GREAT to be back in touch with Michael.

The last peice of the puzzle was complete on Sunday at the family picnic. Rick was there (seen here with his wife) with his family. We haven't seen each other since his wedding. Turns out he and his wife have children the same age as two of ours. So they all played together the whole time we were there. And we all decided we'd be sure to get together again soon!

It was also great to see my friends Todd, Kevin, and Jim. We had some great times the end of our senior year and into college. Todd recently got married, so it was fun to hear about his wedding and his new wife whom I've only had a chance to meet once.

I also saw several friends from choir, and many people I "partied" with the year before I went off to college. All great to talk to again.

Other than that, it was many people we shared the halls and classrooms of the high school with for 4 years. It was fun to talk to everyone and find out what they had been up to. So many life stories. So much has gone on over 20 years. Many of the folks are living close to the school still. A few are even teaching there. My favorite was meeting everyone's children on Sunday. I was pleasently surprised that we weren't the only ones with younger kiddos still. One friend has a 19 year old son going to college next month. So cool.

Seeing all of those faces with 20 years added to them was a trip. A crazy amuzement park ride. I had a GREAT time. What a great ride.

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