Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy 2008!

We all do so much, most of the time, to try and make the new year one that we will remember fondly. The year we finally started working out again and lost that baby weight. The year we were able to get the house set up just how we wanted it. The year we really got our business rolling. The year we decorated the house -- at long last. The year we replaced our dear pet Cheyenne who passed away 5 years ago. The year we conceived baby number 5. The year we actually got organized around the house!

Whatever the desire is, whatever the hope . . . it is usually, for me, made with some caution. It is made with trepidation. It is cast forward, but only in the shadow of those desires gone past. The resolutions made but only partially kept. Those resolves that were really wishes made into the wind. Dreams, but not necessarily commitments.

This year, I want for myself a clean slate. A slate that is built of all that is good and right in my life. This year, I only make commitments to myself, my family, my business, my faith. This year, I don't want to pile on more guilt or longing. This year, I want to forge ahead. I want to clear off that beautiful slate and wipe it clean of any past let downs. This year is not last year. It is not the 80's, the 90's or even the early 2000's!

This is the year 2008.

This is the year I leave all that built up guilt and self doubt behind me. I'll let it settle itself into the past where it belongs. I'll not drag it along my way any further. This year, I begin with all the beauty and awesomeness that has become my life as my new foundation. I'll stand tall on this amazing adventure and revile in it with joy and love for what has been given.

This is the year I begin anew.

For all of us. For my family. For me. For every mom who cries at the thought of doing ANY thing less than great for her children. For every woman who has given herself far less than she deserved and still come out with more than she expected. For all those who want more, but have no idea where to begin. I begin here.


A new year. Let's make it whatever we want it to be. Let's build those memories we are looking forward to holding onto in 2009 and beyond. Join me, will you? Let's make a year we'll love to remember. Let's give this 2008 version of ourselves all the care we can muster and all the love we can stand.

May this year hold all the blessings one year can possibly hold. May our hearts be filled to overflowing with the wonder and love of life we were born with.

May God look and see that we are truly caring for all he has given us and more.

Happy New Year, to all.

Love and blessings,
: ) Kaycee

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