Thursday, December 04, 2008

Book Bling Bookmarks - Christmas Gift Idea!

This year, I have been coming across some great and unique gift ideas. This one just happens to be my current favorite. It is made by a friend of mine (won't she be surprised to see my blog review!). But even if I didn't know and love the designer of this product, I'd have to say I'd love this one anyway.

So, as a book lover and avid reader at heart (even if my current mom-of-4-small-children role doesn't lend itself to very long reading sessions these days) . . . I will share this gift idea with you:

They are called Book Bling Bookmarks and they are made by Jessica Derksen.
They are basically jewels, stones, beads, charms and other nice things strung up on the end of a bookmark. You can put several together or use one at a time. You can have them customized or purchase one right from her store front. Here is her website for your shopping convenience:

I will try to get some pictures posted here for you soon. I couldn't figure out how to transfer them yet!

Blessings to you and yours this Advent Season!
Merry Christmas,
:) Kaycee

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