Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Countdown to Baby

As I look out the window on this snowy night, I realize that although I turned 37 weeks pregnant just yesterday, when I wake up in the morning I will be a mere 2 weeks and 5 days from baby number 5's due date. It is amazing how quickly the months flew by. Especially the last 3.

Being pregnant and nearing the end of the journey and the beginning of a whole new adventure, I am feeling especially thankful these days. Perhaps it is just because it is November and we count our blessings leading up to Thanksgiving Day here in this country. Or maybe it is the hormones. But I can't help but see things through a thankful pair of eyes lately.

I've been finding myself even thankful for the mess around the house, because I know it is the wonderfully full house that I enjoy with all the little people who fill it who help to make it messy by living and loving life here. I'm thankful for each and everyone of those little ones God has blessed my husband and I with. Each with their own mix of Mike and I. Each with their own set of unique challenges for us as parents. They make everyday a new stretch of patience, love and faith. I like the person they have helped to grow me to be.

And that guy who it all started with. My husband. My best friend and partner in all this. I've been so blessed with his talents, his help, his love, his encouragement. He fills my heart with love and helps me remember to try and love myself. I can only hope that I am constantly growing into just the wife he deserves. I would ache to lose all that he adds to my life, and all that I am because he is here with me.

I will watch this snow fill our street and yard out our front window and remember that even as the snowflakes fall by the hundreds, maybe thousands to cover everything with a blanket thick with many tiny white frozen parts . . . that is like my life. Blessing after blessing has fallen upon me and all that surrounds me is covered with blessings and light. I am so grateful.

May you be able to see your life in the best light this month and beyond. The blessings are there to be counted. We have only to lift our heads to see them as such.

Many Blessings and HAPPY Thanksgiving,
:) Kaycee

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Beth said...

Love you, Kayc!