Thursday, March 26, 2009

My secret weapons for winter immunity!

I have a secret during the winter. I don't give my family medicines. Instead, I use natural methods to boost their immune systems and then use certain supplements to sooth symptoms as they pop up.

Here is my best vitamin cabinet advice for winter immunity:

Take a good multi-vitamin (with iron for women of child bearing age)
-choose food based rather than synthetic
-do your homework to find out what a balanced multi should have
-make sure yours isn't cheaply made (low on biotin is a good test)
-drop it in water to see if it will dissolve

Take a regular immune supplement
-a natural interferon production booster is the best choice

Have an immune booster on hand at onset of illness or exposure
-an echinacea complex (including zinc)
-tablet forms can be swallowed or ground up in hot water for a tea
-can be ground and put into honey for a natural cough supressent

Vitamin C
-a chewable version is fabulous for sucking on when you have a sore throat
-take it regularly AND extra during an illness
-regular doses may help reduce allergy symptoms

Calcium Magnesium
-when taken in a chewable form can reduce heart-burn
-can help reduce of prevent restless or aches in legs
-regular calcium supplementation can decrease bone loss
-magnesium helps us absorb the calcium more efficiently

There you have it. My supplement recommendations for a healthier immune system and healthier winter! If you, like my area of the country, are experiencing some more severe winter weather right now, may you and your families be safe and healthy!

Happy Spring Break! Mr. Sun is right around the corner, and our winter blues can pass. Now you can be stocked up for the rest of this winter and on into ALLERGY SEASON!

:) Kaycee

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