Thursday, September 03, 2009

I found it! Help to make Twitter make sense to me!

I have been on the popular social networking site called "Twitter" for several months now. But until this week, it really didn't make much sense to me. Unless I wanted to follow a celebrity, or get updates for a show or news network, I really couldn't see what the purpose would be.

As a mom, it would have to be VERY useful to fit into my list of worth while things to do. As a home-business owner, it was going to have to be a way I could promote my business or stay connected with my customers. I couldn't see how Twitter had any of those qualities.

Then I found All of a sudden, Twitter came alive for me! Now I can have my twitter site and it has a PURPOSE. One that makes sense to me. Both my mom side and my business owner side!

So, if you are a Mom, I highly recommend you check out this site if you haven't stumbled on it already. And you can visit my twittermoms page here:

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