Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to school health insurance . . .

Being a mom with 2 boys in elementary school and 1 daughter going to preschool soon, the H1N1 "scare" is something I have watched develop over the last several months. Now that they are all back at work and mixing germs with their friends on a daily basis again I realize that many other moms are going to be running to the doctor's office in the next month or so to get their kids' their flu shots -- plural now.

I faithfully resist this plan of attack. I vow to use the perhaps old fashioned method of defense against the threat of "new" or old viruses this year for my kiddos and myself (as a pregnant mom). We will be sticking to our routine of building up our immune systems so as to be ready to fight off any foreign invaders. Keeping our bodies in the best possible shape to deal with that which may come along.

Call me crazy, but I don't feel like putting my kids in the experimental seat when it comes to any "new" drugs or vaccines. No thanks.

So, here is a link to the best defense I know . . .

Here's to a happy fall, a happy back-to-school, and most of all, happy healthy kids!

:) Kaycee

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STQ said...

I totally agree with you - we may get the vaccine next year after seeing what reactions and side-effects it has, but not this year. We will still get our annual flu shot, but not H1N1. It scares me to be the first to get something that is sure to be rushed and fairly untested. I'm with ya, girl!